• Choose what your 6-digit, alphanumeric code is (no special characters).
  • This lease is perfect for a business or individual that wants to establish a personalized, brand element for patrons or fans to follow.
  • This Beeconz Code can be added to any social media, print or other marketing for as long as needed. Digital assets are available.
  • Scheduling is available within the app so that you can choose when your Beeconz is active.
  • This code can be changed at any time but if it is, any prior codes will be lost. Codes are on a first-come basis so you may be able to get it back if no one else claims it.
  • This can be leased on a “Monthly” or “Annual” basis and will auto-renew until canceled.
  • You have the option to receive two, FREE “find us with beeconz” stickers with your Custom Code printed on it.

Only one Beeconz Code per iTunes Account & phone number can be active at a time. If more than one Beeconz Code is needed, it will need to be assigned to an alternate Apple ID and should be set on the alternative device that will be using it.

Example: If you have multiple businesses or events active at one time have the primary contact for each create & manage their own Beeconz.


Get your “find us with beeconz” custom stickers

With your Single Custom code, you can receive a set of two, pre-printed, 6.5" x 6.5" vinyl stickers to display your Beeconz Code.