Set Beeconz

  • Fully supported on iPad for use on your existing POS system

  • Lease and personalize a Beeconz Code for extended use.

  • Make your Beeconz “Public” to enhance your exposure.

  • “Pin” to your current location or “Track” to automatically reposition to your new location.

  • Use a custom name and icon for your Beeconz.

  • Use your current location, input a remote address or choose from your preselected "PreBeez".

  • Schedule your Beeconz as needed.

  • Link to social media or a web page to add additional information.

  • Share your Beeconz via social media, text messaging, or email.

  • All fields are editable at any time including the option to “Pause” your Beeconz.

  • Arrival screen can be used as proof of an invitation or as a retail coupon.

Find Beeconz

  • Input the 6-digit Beeconz code to quickly show its location, route, directions & nearest intersection.

  • See the history and status of any Beeconz that you have input or received.

  • Use the “Public” button to see other Beeconz in your area.

  • Review “Public Beeconz” without interrupting your current one.

  • Seamlessly change to different Beeconz.

  • Share or post your favorite Beeconz via Social media, Text messaging or Email.

Quick Beeconz

  • Quickly share your location with up to 4 people at once.

  • Keep in touch with in app messaging.

  • Remotely set a location to send someone on an errand.

  • Select up to 4 “Quick Links” and remotely set a meeting or event location.

  • See live progress updates of all “Quick Links" while en route to an event or shared destination.

  • Tap recipient to see their ETA and distance from your Beeconz.

  • Get notified when your “Quick Links” have arrived.

Me Beez

  • Tap the “Me Beez” button to mark your current location.

  • When “Active”, tap again to hide your pin or select other options.

  • “Go To” will show the path and directions back to your pin from your current location.

  • Pin will stay active until “Deleted”.

  • Great for marking where you left your vehicle, a “meet back here” location or anything else.

  • Can be used in conjunction with other Beeconz features.

Emergency Beeconz

  • Hold down the “Me Beez” button for 3 seconds to activate.

  • You have the option to attach a message.

  • “Emergency Beeconz” will auto send after 30 seconds.

  • You can preselect up to 4 contact recipients.

  • Recipients will receive your location and directions.

  • Option to call 911 directly from within Beeconz.