What is my user name?
Your “User Name” is what will identify you to other users when you are using “Quick or Emergency Beeconz”. We recommend your first name and last initial (John D).

Can I edit my “User Identity”?
You can change your “User Identity“ and/or pic by tapping the "Settings" button on the primary screen in the lower, right corner.

How do I Logout?
Logout is in the “Settings” tab. This can be opened by tapping the "Settings button on the primary screen in the lower, right corner.

What if I want to use a 3rd party app like Waze or Google maps for navigation?
We have included an “Alt Nav” button at the bottom of the screen that will give you the option to switch the navigation to either Google Maps or Waze along with Apple Maps if you have an Apple device. Those apps will have a button to quickly return to Beeconz when you have arrived at your destination. Beeconz will be fully functioning in the background in case you need to switch back to check the progress of others.

How do I tell my car service where to go if there’s no address shown?
Many “Beeconz” don’t have an address so to make things easier, the nearest intersection will be displayed at the top of the screen so that you can inform your driver or input them into your rideshare app. If no intersection is available it will show the GPS coordinates that can be used by your driver or app for the destination.

What if I send a “Quick Beeconz” to someone without the Beeconz app?
“Quick Beeconz” are sent to selections from the in-app contact lists. After you add contacts, you can have Beeconz message them a download invitation on your behalf from the bottom of the contacts list. You could also send out an email or text ahead of time letting people know that they may be receiving a “Quick Beeconz” through the Beeconz app and to download it from the App Store.

What is Beeconz Pro?
“Beeconz Pro” is a mobile location-based app that generates a mobile address for you or your business anywhere, anytime.
With Beeconz Pro, individuals, entrepreneurs, vendors or businesses can lock in a location with GPS even when an address isn’t an option. Beeconz Pro allows you to choose a unique, customizable 6-digit mobile address code with fixed or mobile coordinates that can be shared with a select group or to the public. Beeconz Pro is a perfect tool to help increase exposure for a mobile business like food trucks, special events like pop-up stores, street festivals or trade shows and conventions. Beeconz Pro is also a perfect solution for sharing location details with an invite-only guest list for a private party or a spontaneous gathering with friends anywhere, anytime.

How long are “Beeconz” codes good for?
"One Time Use" Beeconz can be active for up to 7 days. Beeconz Pro users have the option to lease a custom code monthly or annually. This is good for things like mobile businesses that want to establish their code and do not wish to re-share a new code every time they set a new Beeconz.

What does “Add To Public” do?
A “Public” Beeconz allows anyone in the area to see your Beeconz on their map if they select the "Public" button on their primary screen.  If you want to set a public Beeconz you have to select “Add to Public” otherwise, your Beeconz can only be seen by users that have input your code.

What is the difference between "Pin" & "Track"?
By default, your Beeconz is set to "Pin" which locks it to the location initially set. There is the option to "Update Beeconz Location" on the "Edit Beeconz" screen.
“Track” allows Beeconz to track the location of the device that set the Beeconz. This is a good option for mobile services that don't want to constantly update their location.

Are Beeconz active all day?
Beeconz will only operate during the times that you have selected. You can schedule anything from a one-time event to a weekly reoccurring schedule.

How can I find "Beeconz" that I've gone to before?
Beeconz creates a "History" of Beeconz that you have searched or that have been sent to you. Your "History" can be found on the "Find Beeconz" screen

What does "Inactive" mean in "History"?
"Inactive" means that the Beeconz is not currently scheduled but it is still functioning (closed for the night, off-hours). "Inactive" tag will be removed once that Beeconz schedule comes online again or has expired.

How many people can I send “Quick Beeconz” to at once?
You can send a “Quick Beeconz” to up to 4 users at one time. If you need to send to more than 4 users you would need to upgrade to “Beeconz Pro”.

How long is a “Quick Beeconz” good for?
“Quick Beeconz” remain active for 24 hours unless canceled sooner.

Why would I send a “Remote Quick Beeconz”?
By default, “Quick Beeconz” shares the location & route of everyone, including the sender from their current location.

Why is there an “Exclude Me” option if I set a “Remote Quick Beeconz”?
By default, “Quick Beeconz” shares the location & route of everyone, including the sender. “Exclude Me” is handy if you send someone on an errand and don’t want them to know your location. You do have the option to “Add Me” if you change your mind.

What happens if I receive a “Quick Beeconz” while I’m en route to a “Standard Beeconz”?
Upon acceptance of the “Quick Beeconz” you will be redirected to that location. If you want to return to a previous Beeconz go to the “Find Beeconz” screen and select it from the “History”.

What is “Me Beez” used for?
“Me Beez” is used to pin your current location and then, at any time, provide you with directions back to it. It remains active until it is canceled. This is really handy as a reminder of anything from where you parked your vehicle to your “Let’s meet back here” location.

How do you activate an “Emergency Beeconz”?
Hold down the “Me Beez” button for 3 seconds to activate it.

How do I change my “Emergency Beeconz” contacts?
Holding down the “Me Beez” button for 3 seconds also brings up the option to “Edit Contact”. There can be up to 4 recipients.

What information will my “Emergency Beeconz” contacts receive?
An “Emergency Beeconz” notification will send the closest intersection or GPS coordinates along with a route & directions to your location.  Recipients can also receive a message from you if one was added.

What does the “Public” button do?
The Public Button shows you all the public Beeconz set in your area. With “Public” active, you will be able to check out those “Beeconz” and their links without interrupting your current trip but you do have the option to reroute to one of them if you choose.

Can I filter what “Public” Beeconz that I see?
Yes. Hold down the "Public" button and a categories list will pop up where you can select what "Public" Beeconz that you would like to see.

What is “PreBeez” used for?
PreBeez is used to pre-tag and label locations to set at a later date/time. Tap “PreBeez” to tag your current location. Select one of your saved PreBeez to create a remote location with “Set Beeconz” or “Quick Beeconz”.

Why would I pre-tag locations?
Pre-tagging is handy if you are scouting multiple locations for things like film locations or special event venues. Easily select one of your saved PreBeez to set a Beeconz or Quick Beeconz at a later time.